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Meet our Relative - Christopherson Branch

William 'Bill' Christopherson

William 'Bill' Christopherson born 24 Apr 1933, Baldur, Manitoba, Canada, [11] was the son of Kjartan Christopherson.

Birthplace of Dorothy CHRISTOPHERSON Cartwright
The stone farm house outside of Belmont, Manitoba, Canada.
Courtesy of the Hank Christopherson Collection

Hank said Bill was not born here, verify with uncle Bill.

Letter written from Hank to Dot explaining early history. [Sorry it is blurry]

Conversation With Bill Christopherson

Sun March 17 2013, 6 PM to Mon March 18 1:30 am
Went over to visit with Uncle Bill who had surgery.

We talked about a great deal. Maybe 6 hrs.
His daughter Susan was named after Susan, daughter of Sigurdur Christopherson. I had tried to leave a couple times as I might have jury duty after noon. He said it as I stood up and got into the Taylor family and he got his walker and said it out in the hall after I hugged him goodbye for Susan in AZ. He had met her the summer before. He also knew Veiga. He had said while down here the others up north were not talked about. He only has one memory of standing on the porch of Grund and Donna (Skardall) came up to him. He only remembers taking the train out to SF.

Bill said Dad (Theodore 'Ted' Christopherson) was born at Victoria Island not Lake Shawnessy (sp) [2014, during the Cousins Tour, Roy visited this island, the two places are one in the same]. Had at one time taken a ride over the border and each person could bring back a beer or pack of beer. There was an old shack with an Iron stove out back and he placed beers in it. They were all ready for a party after having collected some and to his amazement, Kjartan had found them. He was in trouble but not too severe.

He thought he found the Stoneson house at PT Roberts. There was a railroad and a concrete pill box that he recognized from talks with Kay. Kay told him there was a whole building over the pill box which was where they kept the money (safe). Tried yet did not tell tale of Gudrun and Rooney. The section on the Stonesons was very minimal. I could have probably created another book had I included the Clan pages [Roy created a modified version of Sigurdur's Saga book for uncle Bill].

They lived down at (pointy roof with balcony) when he was about 5-6. Gudrun would tell him the birds and turtles were singing to him to come on down, so he would run in the backyard to play. Kay also owned the lot behind it. He and I [Bill] think Hank slept in the top floor which was narrow, yet ran the length of the house. Sig would come out onto the balcony to slip out of the house, go on the pergula overhang, then on the right side, swing down on to the railing, then jump onto the porch. He once snuck cigarettes from Dorie, Bill and neighbor were smoking them underneath the porch. The smoke came through the cracks in the floor and Gudrun caught them. He was by the house recently and the owner pulled up. Bill was just enjoying the day. Owner then said he lived there and Bill said "so did I about 60 years ago" so the owner let him in. It had not changed much. They had chickens there.

House 3
Image 0899
234 Joost Avenue, San Francisco

He slept downstairs right window in Westgate, and when the boys came back from WWII, they made it into an office. It was the realty office before Ocean Ave one. Kay [Bill's father; Kjartan 'Kay' Christopherson] worked the realty for a short time. He had before been out of work. Went down by bay meadows (SM) to sell cleaned out mobile homes. Money was tight even after the war.

House 4
Image 0890
11 Westgate in 2009

Bill had taken a job with a company and did all the work himself. They told him he would have to do all the various different positions. He did well, soon hired individuals for a multiple number of jobs. They wanted to expand up in Vancouver and offerred him a position there. Bill said they would relocate yet no perks. He found a job through another, and was told he would have to go to Boston to speak to the big wigs. They offered him a position, yet he would have to quit the other job first, which he did. Turns out he got a car, perks and was cleaning/painting outside elevators used by workers which they wanted to sell to a company in mid-west. They would not buy it because they wanted USED. Bill had done such a good job, the used equipment looked new. He was making $500 a day. He would work half a year, and off the other half. Bill was good with his hands. He always felt that he and Ted were very alike, and very close to him.

The photo of him, Carrie, Evie, Kassie and Dot was taken while they were down here (bay area).

When he went up to help Lorne Co-drive to BC, he met a cute young gal there. [Sorry, I was drifting at this point]. Lorne said, hey let's go and they took off south. They reached Seattle. Bill got off to take the train back north to BC. Bill met up with this gal and said he came back to see her. She could not believe he came back just to see her and he showed her the train ticket. "He was king for a few days until he had to leave". Not sure how old he was. he had written to her before or after this point, and it did not last long...long distance relationships. Plus too many women in SF. The BC cousins thought the Californians were wild. Norman Skardal would drive down to AZ to spend a couple weeks with them with Donna. Bill could never figure out why they would come in the winter, and cross all the storms south, yet when he asked them to stay, Norman would say he had to get back to the farm. Bill would say, Yeah but it is the middle of the winter, what could be so important that it could not wait. Norman said he liked to check up on things.

Ted's first heart attack. Roy knew Lloyd Einarson and Ted were in a bad accident once. Roy saw the photo of the van tuned upside down when they had crossed the intersection behind the Millbrae Pancake House and Broadway. Both were in the hospital in the same room. Almost like a Frat house environment.

Bill said Dad was in the office, he had gone down to a house he was working on in Redwood City. He had been digging a ditch for a retaining wall. Bill said he complained about a pain in his chest. He had EVERY symptom of a heart attack. He begged him to let him take Ted to the hospital. Ted said he was fine and would see the doctor if need be. Dad did go in to see the doctor, yet too late and was hospitalized. Ted was lucky to survive that one. He told dad that he was punching paper and should not have been then doing heavy digging not being used to it.
Bill went up to visit dad about 1979 at his twin mobile home establishment at Lake Don Pedro. Bill and Wanda were traveling through there and waited about 1 hour. Dad showed up and wanted to take Bill out fishing in the boat on the trailer, in the large yard he had. Bill said he had to get home and collect money from a guy who bought his boat. Possibly the large one everyone thought he was crazy for building himself, yet he sold it and made a profit. Bill said he would make it a point to come back within a month. Unbeknownst to him, dad would be gone by then. Hank had told Roy the story of how a fellow was walking by dad outside a little grocery store out in the country there, and looked like he was adjusting the mirror. When Olivia, our step-mother [Ted's 2nd wife] had came out, she ran into the store screaming for help. Dad had his arms stretched out as he was having a Heart Attack. He could not even get out of the vehicle. The ambulance service came yet it took like 15 mins to get him to nearest hospital, and dad passed away on the way there.
Bill said when they got to Don Pedro, Olivia wanted to bury dad in the local cemetery for "Free". The cemetery had been there a hundred years, and there were some graves with headstones that had toppled over, and a couple standing. He told Olivia to think about the children. If it was his parents, that he would want them close enough to visit. Hank had told me how she picked out some dirty dress shirt for dad, and how he made sure dad had a new white one. See Digital8 tape recorded session.

Bill had a lot of 8mm movies and such of the kids growing up, and their travels, and VHS tapes, and wondered how he could get them transferred. One of the daughters had done so for some 8mm.

He went into great detail on Cathy, Roy's cousin closet in age, age Redacted, she is one year younger. Susan is younger, and Jana older. Susan said Jana has not been in contact with them Redacted. Redacted. Bill said a lot, and this is all from memory an hour after leavingBill, and the next morning.
Redacted Bill would work his butt off doing everything in construction except he was his own boss. Sometimes he did work for Hank. Hank always wanted him to have higher goals, and in his view, he made enough to get by on and do the things he enjoyed, like RV'ing with Wanda, who he met and could talk hours with. She was also very outgoing and 'outdoorsy'

Her son Redacted

Bill told me about Lil COSTELLO Christopherson's Redacted.


L-R: Bill, Henry 'Hank, Ted, Kjartan, and Lorne
Photo courtesy of the Ted Christopherson Collection
Siblings: Caroline, Ted, Dot, Eileen, Bill on car
Photo courtesy of the Ted Christopherson Collection

Iva & William Christopherson
Photo courtesy of the Ted Christopherson Collection
Ted & William Christopherson, Brothers
Photo courtesy of the Ted Christopherson Collection

Iva & Christopherson at Kay & Rooney's- Shower?
Photo courtesy of the Ted Christopherson Collection
William & Iva Christopherson
Photo courtesy of the Ted Christopherson Collection

Iva & William, Jana, Cathy, and Susan Christopherson
According to cousin Bruce Costello, this should be 1961, not 1971, as ´71 would put the eldest daughter at 17 or 18.
Photo courtesy of the Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection
William, Cathy, Jana, Susan, and Iva Christopherson
Photo courtesy of the Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection

Lorne (right) seen here with all siblings except Lilja Costello
William, Dorothy, Theodore, Caroline, Henry, Eileen, Sigurdur, Kjartan Lorne
Photos courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Kjartan's Hid N Hut Cabin
Possibly Bill and Jana, Keith, Bob, Bruce (overalls), ted, Ron
Baby in crib?, Man ctr back?
Photo courtesy of the Ted Christopherson Collection
Sig C., Don Stoneson, Bill, Lorne, and Hank Christopherson

Photo courtesy of the Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection
Bruce's last pic of Eileen Keller and Thelma Christopherson together
with Connie (middle), William Christopherson's significant other.

Photo courtesy of the Bruce Costello Collection