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Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

Eileen Emily CHRISTOPHERSON Keller Stage Name: Eileen Christy


Stage Name: Eileen Christie

Eileen Keller
Stage Name: Eileen Christie


Private Letters typed by Karen Jarvie, retyped by R. Christopherson

A few years, we were at the popular home of Mr. Jon Thorbergron and his wife in Los
Angeles. Jon’s wife is not Icelandic, only in spirit. For years she has adorned the
Icelandic community and been one of them in all circumstances.
Amongst the guests one evening was Gudrun and Kjartan Christopherson from San
Francisco accompanied by their daughter Eileen and I will tell you about it.
There are three outstanding points that are outstanding in his memory that are connected
with Eileen which are -- the youth and charm which surounded her and how beautifully
she sang and she was so willing to sing and so nature [mature?] in her manner.
Since then, I have tried to follow her career, her victories, and there were no defeats. A
short time later I met her again I told her the lcelanders would likely appreciate getting a
picture of her and news of her. She consented to it so l visited her at her new beautiful
home a short distance from Los Angeles.

Eileen Christy is born Chritopherson at Baldur, Manitoba, Canada, a daughter of Kjartan
Christoperson (real estate man) and his wife Gudrun Steinson [Stoneson] (piano teacher). When
Eileen was 8 years old, they moved with their large family to San Francisco at the Lion's
Gate in California.

There she attended Aptis Junior High School at the same time she was taking part in operettas
and other things.
She was “Tiger Lily,’'Pand” and “Wendy.” She did it so well that she was given the
most prominent part in the “Mikado.” With all these victories Mrs. Gudrun quit teaching
her and wanted this rising star to take further training.
At the time she was in high school, she took a great part singing in the churches, at
weddings and other functions.When she was 14 years old, she started working in the bank
in her holidays. The bank management had heard of her ability to sing and got her to
sing “Sempra Libera” from La Traviata which enabled her to get a better position in the
bank and also solo parts in the bank choir.

At the finish of her high school, she worked for Mr. Edwin Lester, prominent in
municipal arts. As that time was one of six chosen from 300 contestants and got the part
of “Robetta” and "the Fortune Teller.” She sang in opera in San Francisco and Los
Angeles. Then she had an offer to go to New York but she had declined that offer so she
could give more time to her singing. She kept on at the bank Then she got seriously ill
and had to stop work and her studies. She got all better and started singing.
Then she won a $500 war bond and bursary at the Green Cross Search Lights program.
In January 1949, she took part in Atwater-Kent singing program contest and was one of
eight who were chosen and was determined to try next year.

After traveling to New York and Washington, DC in 1950, she tried again in the Atwater-
Kent singing contest and won first prize of $1000. With this victory, doors now
opened and she got a chance to be heard at MGM Moving Picture Company in Culver
City where she signed a contract instead of San Francisco "Magic Flute”. Last summer
she sang in the Hollywood Bowl “Die Hedermans”, “Adele", and the maid.
She has everything that can grace one human being. She sang so beautifully that it is still
ringing in my ears.

Page 77

The last few months, she has taken part in 4 pictures the names of which are "Banner
Line”,“Fathers Little Dividends “Night into Morning” and“Three Guys Named Mike”
and we are patiently waiting until she gets singing more functions. She sings in ltalian,
Spanish, French and German.
She had a part in Standard Hour last September and played "Snow White" in Christmas
scene of Edgar Bergen.
Eileen Christy is small in stature,although of the norse—light hair and fair in complexion
and beautiful blue eyes. She is a good cook, raises beautiful flowers and loves swimming
in the blue Pacific Ocean in the hot days in California. Eileen is one of the few Icelandic
girls who has traveled the slippery roads of Hollywood but with her talent is singing and
acting, all her admirers will be wishing that all her hopes will come true and that she will
reach the highest peak in Grand Opera and pictures and there she will shine brightly.
When we bade good-bye to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Keller and their young son Gregory, I
felt nothing but good luck and happiness would accompany them as long as they lived.
Skuli G. Bjarnson

Page 78
From transcribed document

Original Draft of Icelandic Songstress
The Original Draft of Icelandic Songstress with with Carol, Miriam, or Bev

There is a copy from Hank - Image 6575-6576
I believe this is the author's family in Logberg paper


Slideshow on Eileen Christy by Roy. Once open, just click on X to close the ad. Recommend Audio be on (half-way in).

Most of the photos here are below. If the family would like to supply a soundtrack or audio of Eileen singing, would be great to add the the slideshow.

Trying to find code messing up this link. To view slideshow, copy text lin k below and paste in new tab/window of browser.

Slideshow Covering Eileen Christie's Career

Eileen was signed with MGM MGM Logo for four films
Appearances broken down; scroll down or use left arrows.
Go Down To Bannerline (MGM)
Go Down To Father's Little Dividend (MGM)
Go Down To
Three Guys Named Mike (MGM)
Go Down ToThe Standard Hour (MGM)
Go Down ToNight Into Morning (MGM)
Go Down ToI Dream of Jeanie (Republic Pictures)
Go Down ToStrictly Dishonorable (MGM)
Regular performer on Los Angeles shows,
Art Linkletter,
Arthur Godfrey,
Go Down To Thunderbirds (Republic Pictures)
Go Down To Wish You Were Here
Go Down To A Perilous Journey (Republic Pictures)
Go Down To Sweethearts on Parade
Regularly with Jack Parr, both in Los Angeles and New York.
Go Down To Staring role in "Die Fledermaus" at Hollywood Bowl
Go Down To "Red Mill" at the Greek Theater
Go Down To Li'l Abner
Go Down To The Sound of Music
Go Down To The Music Man
Go Down To Guys and Dolls
Go Down To Carousel
Go Down To "The Student Prince"
Go Down To Show Boat
Go Down To Red Skelton - "The Clown and the Baton" Davie Rose and his Orchestra
Go Down To Summer of Stars, 1961
Go Down To Broadway Opening Night - Vol. One CD
Go Down To Falling In Love is Wonderful CD
Go Down To TCM Classics
Go Down To The Rodgers & Hammerstein Songbook Compilation
Go Down To Broadway In A Box CD
"King and I" [have not found this reference yet]

1951 [IMDb]
Eileen Christy .... ? (uncredited)
Starring Keefe Brasselle, Sally Forrest, Lionel Barrymore, and Lewis Stone

Don Weis directed more than 40 episodes of the television series “MASH” and over 20 films between 1951 and 1978. He kicked off his directing career with “Just This Once” for MGM. His filmography consisted mostly of stylish handling of light fair including “Banner Line” in 1951, “I Love Melvin,” “Remains to Be Seen” and “A Slight Case of Larceny.” Additional bigscreen credits include “The Affairs of Dobie Gillis” and “Half a Hero,” both in 1953. Source

In 1951 he was signed by Dore Schary to a two-year contract at MGM, making his directorial feature debut with the newspaper expose Bannerline. This was followed by a string of light comedies and musicals of widely varying quality.

MGM Logo
1951 Bannerline Movie Poster

Father's Little Dividend
1951 [IMDb]
Eileen Christy .... ? (uncredited)
Starring Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett, Elizabeth Taylor

According to the article above, Eileen was involved with this movie. My guess, she was a stand-in for one of the 15 - 20 women at the baby shower. There are tow women on opposite sides, yet, too hard to tell. My money is on one to the left of the screen.

"In this sequel to Father of the Bride, newly married Kay Dunstan announces that she and her husband are going to have a baby, leaving her father having to come to grips with the fact that ... "

Watch the Full Movie here.

MGM Logo
1951 Father's Little Dividend Movie Poster

Three Guys Named Mike
1 March 1951 [IMDb website external link ]
Eileen Christy .... Trainee (uncredited)
Stars Van Johnson and Jane Wyman

A stewardess becomes romantically involved with an airline pilot, a college professor, and a successful businessman, all of whom are named Mike...

Internet Movie Database Bio on Eileen
- Three Guys Named Mike (1951) Full Movie 90 minutes 12 seconds.
Watched the whole movie. No Eileen. Possibly in one scene with room of new flight attendants attending class.

DVD at or pay per view

MGM Logo

Three Guys 1951 Named Mike Movie Poster
The Standard Hour - 1951 [wiki]
Eileen Christy
"Snow White" in Christmas scene of Edgar Bergen
The Standard Hour was a weekly radio broadcast by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and the San Francisco Opera carried on NBC radio stations on Sundays at 8:30 p.m. Pacific time.

Different Sheet

Blog on possibly same performance,
"...Unfortunately, a recording hasn't been found of this program..."
' Text and illustrations copyright Whitman/Disney. Posted here for historical documentation purposes only.'

Night Into Morning
June 1951 [IMDb]
Eileen Christy .... Student (uncredited)
Starring Ray Milland, John Hodiak, and Nancy Davis

Adult drama starring Milland as a university professor who loses his wife and child in a gas explosion that occurred at his home while he was teaching classes...
Campus (U-C Berkeley)

N.I.M. Partial Video Clip here. If Eileen is in the classroom, Roy did not spot her.
Library of Congress on NIM

MGM Logo
Night Into Morning Movie Poster
I Dream of Jeanie 15 June 1952 [IMDb]
Eileen Christy .... Jeanie McDowell
Starring Ray Middleton, Bill Shirley, Muriel Lawrence
Republic Pictures
Republic Pictures

Eileen is in the White dress in the movie poster to the right


I DREAM OF JEANIE, orig 1952 LC #4 [Eileen Christy] (Time sensitive Bid)

1958 Press Photo Eileen Christy,Ray Middleton, Muriel Lawrence

Ebay - Nice set of Lobby cards (Time sensitive Bid)

DVD at

I Dream of Jeanie Movie Poster
Cast: Ray Middleton [Edwin P. Christy], Bill Shirley [Stephen Foster], Muriel Lawrence [Inez McDowell], Dick Simmons [Dunning Foster], Rex Allen [Mr. Tambo / Narrator], Lynn Bari [Mrs. Dowell], Louise Beavers [Mammy], Eileen Christy [Jeanie McDowell], Robert Neil [Milford Wilson], Percy Helton [Mr. Horker], James Kirkwood [Doctor], James Dobson [Spike], Fred Moultrie [Chitlins], Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer [Freddie], Andrew Tombes [R. E. Howard], Glen Turnbull [Specialty Dancer]

Musical Program: [0:01] Oh! Susanna (excerpt sung by Chorus and played on Calliope); [0:05] Oh! Boys, Carry Me 'Long (sung by Chorus); [0:10] Old Dog Tray (sung by Bill Shirley and Tray the Dog); [0:12] Oh! Susanna (sung by Bill Shirley and Eileen Christy); [0:13] De Camptown Races (sung by Bill Shirley and Eileen Christy); [0:14] Soirée Polka (introduced as "Jeanie's Own Polka") (played on flute by Bill Shirley onscreen, danced by Eileen Christy); [0:16] On Wings of Song (sung by Muriel Lawrence and Bill Shirley); [0:29] Lo! Here the Gentle Lark (sung by Muriel Lawrence, accompanied by Bill Shirley on flute onscreen and other musicians); [0:31] The Glendy Burk (sung by Ray Middleton); [0:35] Nelly Bly (sung by Ray Middleton); [0:37] Melinda May (sung by Ray Middleton); [0:38] My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night (sung by Ray Middleton); [0:40] Gentle Annie (excerpt sung by Ray Middleton); [0:42] Medley of Foster's songs played and sung during Christy's parade; [0:46] Ring de Banjo (sung by Christy's Minstrels); [0:49] Old Folks at Home (sung and danced by Christy's Minstrels); [0:52] Beautiful Dreamer (sung by Bill Shirley serenading Inez); [0:58] Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming (sung by Rex Allen and Christy's Minstrels); [1:02] Medley of Foster's songs danced by Glen Turnbull; [1:03] Some Folks (sung and danced by Christy's Minstrels); [1:08] Head Over Heels (sung and danced by Eileen Christy); [1:15] Ribbon in Your Hair (sung by Muriel Lawrence and Eileen Christy); [1:17] Old Black Joe (sung by fisherman as steamboat passes by); [1:19] The Jeannie Polka (?) (reprised by Bill Shirley on flute onscreen); [1:21] The Glendy Burk (reprised by Ray Middleton); [1:23] I See Her Still in My Dreams (sung by Eileen Christy and Bill Shirley); [1:27] Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (sung by Bill Shirley, Ray Middleton, Eileen Christy and Chorus)

Buy DVD at Amazon

Wikipedia on I Dream of Jeanie
I Dream of Jeanie - June 15, 1952
B/W, 102 minutes, *** Released June, 1952 by Republic Pictures
View the Full movie online hosted by - Elieen makes her entrance at 8 minutes and 40 seconds, sliding down a banister!
She stars in this picture. Her mother taught her then told her to seek out professional study.
I Dream of Jeanie screen cap1
I Dream of Jeanie Republic
A musical biography and celebration of the works of Stephen Collins Foster. Foster was the first major American songwriter. Includes many of Foster's greatest songs, most of which are still very popular today. Much of his music is timeless, including "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair," "Beautiful Dreamer," "Oh! Susanna," "My Old Kentucky Home," and many others. Very enjoyable film! The title is erroneously spelled "Jeannie" on the videotape sleeve, and consequently it is misspelled on many video stores' web sites (minor detail).
I Dream of Jeanie screen cap2

Strictly Dishonorable
Released: 3 July 1951 [IMDb]
Eileen Christy .... Girl at Railroad Station (uncredited)
Starring Ezio Pinza and Janet Leigh
M-G-M's Hilarious Comedy from the Stage Hit!

Preston Sturges' smash stage comedy is well done in this film version, showcasing the talents of opera singer Pinza and the looks of Leigh. He plays, strangely enough, an opera singer, known not only for his lungs but also for his love for women...

MGM Logo

Only the beginning portion here at You Tube.

Strictly Dishororable Movie Poster
Released: 27 November 1952 [IMDb]
Eileen Christy .... Mary Caldwell

Starring John Derek [click here to see John Derek and Eileen - 5th photo. They state it is Mona Freeman, I say it is Eileen. Including ignorant Ebay sellers.], John Drew Barrymore

Routine military training film starring Derek and Barrymore as two young Oklahoma National Guard recruits who are called into active service in 1940 and eventually shipped to Europe. The film follows..
It is NOT on You Tube. The one there is out of sync and about 3 mins long. Ignore it!

Thunderbirds Poster Movie Belgian 11x17

Republic Pictures
Republic Pictures

Thunderbirds Poster
Wish You Were Here (1952)
Broadway production
Eileen Christy .... Not Credited

"The musical was adapted from Kober's 1937 play, Having Wonderful Time,[1] and revolves around a summer camp for adults....
The Broadway production opened at the Imperial Theatre on June 25, 1952 and closed on November 28, 1953 after 598 performances". "Wish You Were Here launched the show business career of Florence Henderson".
Ebay photo
"WISH YOU WERE HERE" Original Broadway Cast DRG Theater/Sony Music (19121) "Wish You Were Here" had the distinction of being in 1952 one of the few Broadway musicals that didn't have an out-of-town tryout to work the bugs out of the new show. The reason was that the show had a swimming pool used in just one scene and that construction at the Imperial Theatre made it impossible to tour the new show. The show was about adult summer camps and also boasted a basketball court. The show debuted June 25, the hottest day of that summer and, at that time Broadway theaters weren't air-conditioned. The show didn't get good reviews but a radio interview with director Leland Hayward saved the show. The score is cute and catchy and the original cast was filled with performers who went on to some Broadway fame. The biggest name among the cast was Jack Cassidy. The show ended with a 598-performance run and a London production. It's nice to have the original cast recording available again.

Original Recording here on Amazon (June 2013). Eileen might b in the Entire Company in Finale

wish you were here
click to enlarge

wish you were here promo photo
Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here (1952 Original Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording] at Amazon.

A Perilous Journey (1953) [IMDb]
Ebay - A very young Eileen Christy in Baltimore Sun (performer: "Abide With Me" - uncredited) Soundtrack source:
Eileen Christy .... Susan
Starring Vera Ralston, David Brian, Scott Brady

Eileen is in the Blue Dress in the movie poster to the right

Republic Pictures
Republic Pictures

Perilous Journey Movie Poster1
A Perilous Journey 8 x 10 of Eileen Christy
Perilous Journey Movie Poster 2

Sweethearts On Parade (1953) [IMDb]
Eileen Christy .... Sylvia Townsend

Middleton and Shirley are part of a traveling medicine show that finds itself in the town of Middleton's former sweetheart, Norman, mother to budding young beauty Christy. The girl soon becomes interested in the spectacle of the medicine show...

This short clip appears to have same cast as I Dream of Jeanie. Eileen is in it.
eBay - Lobby card
Moviepostershop - Poster - Poster

Eileen is in the Red or Orange dress in the posters to the right

Republic Pictures
Republic Pictures
Sweethearts On Pareade Movie Poster 1

Sweethearts On Parade Movie Poster 2

Die Fledermaus (1954)
Forty-Fifth Annual Rotary Convention By Rotary International
Five disastrous performances of Strauss' Die Fledermaus opened the season in 1951. With the Bowl already on the brink of financial collapse, the unpopular and costly operatic production precipitated an abrupt cancellation of the remainder of the summer's concerts. Fortunately, Dorothy Buffum Chandler's stellar fundraising capabilities and strong administrative skills made it possible for the Bowl to resume operation within two weeks with a firm financial plan and a revitalized artistic vision. Monetary considerations have since made lavish productions impractical, but operatic music and its greatest performers remain an integeral part of Hollywood Bowl programs.

Five performances of Johann Strauss' Die Fledermaus open the season. With the Bowl on the brink of financial collapse, this unpopular and costly production precipitates an abrupt cancellation of the remainder of the season. Dorothy Buffum Chandler, as head of an Emergency Committee, successfully raises funds and rallies support for the Bowl from throughout the world, allowing the season to resume twelve days later.
Yvonne De Carlo
Trained in opera and a former chorister at St Paul's Anglican Church, Vancouver, when she was a child, De Carlo possessed a powerful contralto voice. In 1951 she was cast in the role of Prince Orlovsky in a production of the opera Die Fledermaus at the Hollywood Bowl. De Carlo released an LP of standards called Yvonne De Carlo Sings in 1957. This album was orchestrated by the movie composer John Williams. She sang and played the harp on at least one episode of The Munsters.
rotary club
1954 Proceedings: Forty-Fifth Annual Rotary Convention By Rotary International Source: Google Book
Possible that this is not Eileen based on the appearance of the woman in this photo, hair, etc...

Die Fledermaus, by Johann Strauss, is a typical tale of disguise, love and intrigue.
He wrote 16 operettas, Die Fledermaus (The Bat, 1874) and Der Zigeunerbaron (The Gypsy Baron, 1885) were the most successful. Johann's music is as popular today as it was back then.
rotarian 1954
What the previous photo with the choir does not show is that Eileen sang before and audience of 8,000 people.
Click to photo enlarge
Source: The Rotarian - Vol. 85, No. 1 - Magazine

Billboard June 2, 1951 [ck date]
Music As Written Article
Eileen Christy, MGM contractee, will sing the ingune lead in "Die Fledermaus" at the Hollywood Bowl

The Red Mill (1956) a musical comedy
Eileen Christy as Gretchen, the Burgomaster's daughter

1956 James A. Doolittle production of The Red Mill which ran from August 13th thru the 26th at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles' Griffith Park, and which lists (along with a photo and bio) one "Eileen Christy" as playing the role of "Gretchen, the Burgomaster's daughter".

Did you know...?
Judy Garland went on the next performance event after Eileen in 1957. Bet that was a thrill for Eileen.
Still would like to get a copy of her singing Over the Rainbow.

Original History of the musical
Book and Lyrics by Henry Blossom, Music by Victor Herbert

Some background on the Composer.

The Plot and characters here at Wikipedia

The Musical Score

Burgomaster is not a typo. Roy taking German in H.S. knew it was spelled differently.
1955 Performance with Gordon MacRae, Lucille Norman
In 1956 Donald O'Connor was in a TV production of The Red Mill. If I recall, while I was at the Record company we had something planned on using him, infomercial or such?

Here are some performances on YouTube to give you an idea of what The Red Mill was about.

One Video - Silent Movie

The Red Mill
View Slideshow of the Program
(New Window)

Original Sheet Music Cover (Wikipedia)

Li'l Abner (1963)
Music Circus, Tent Theater 15th and H Street, Sacramento, 1964

Eileen Christy as Daisy Mae in Li'l Abner

Li'l Abner - Li'l Abner - Original Broadway Cast Recording, featuring Edie Adams, Peter Palmer, Tina Louise, Stubby Kaye and Charlotte Rae. (vinyl MONO LP record, 1957 first issue) - NM9/VG7 - LP Record Label Number Columbia5150-MONO :

Ah, here it is, I found it! "...Miss Christy made her debut in the Music Circus last year as Daisy Mae in Li'l Abner..." Lodi News-Sentinel - May 16, 1964
Roy was very young, yet he remembers attending this performance by Eileen. They actors ran down the aisle, and this should have been the performance.

Movie/TV Soundtracks & Original Cast Albums Reference Book & Price Guide By Jerry Osborne
Lil Abner
Li'l Abner is mentioned in News Clip below.

The Sound of Music (1964)
Music Circus, Tent Theater 15th and H Street, Sacramento, 1964

Eileen Christy will sing the role as Maria in The Sound of Music for 11 nights at the
Lodi News-Sentinel - May 16, 1964

The Merry Widow Newsclipping

OKLAHOMA! (1964)
Carousel Theatre, Oakdale Musical Theatre and Warwick Musical Theatre, 1964. The musical opened in NYC on 03/31/43 and ran for 2212 performances. The show was revived in 1951, 1953, 1979 and 2002. Inside are headshot photos, bios, full cast and production credits, listing of scenes and musical numbers, a history of the show, some production photos from the original production and a synopsis. The cast includes John Raitt, Eileen Christy, Ruth Gillette, Mary Louise Wilson, Renato Cibelli, Peter Conlow, Charles Forster, Edward Fuller, Larry Bearse, Larry Stayer, Genevieve George, Barbara Dougherty, Constance Otto, Wanda White, Scott Blanchard and Eath Huntly. Music by Richard Rodgers lyrics and book by Oscar Hammerstein (based on the play Green Grow The Lilacs by Lynn Riggs). Directed by Bill Penn and choreographed by Peter Conlow.

"OKLAHOMA" Studio Cast - 1952 Arkiv Music/Masterworks Broadway/Sony Music (SONY 92867) This vanity "Oklahoma" features movie musical star Nelson Eddy and other '50s stars including Portia Nelson, Virginia Haskins, and Kaye Ballard. The score is not particularly theatrical sounding and the songs are adjusted for the talents singing them. Why this version of "Oklahoma" was converted to CD remains a question. There are four bonus tracks featuring John Raitt that are much better renditions of these popular tunes.

Oklahoma Possibly same as Eileen's.

14 (WMT) Oklahoma!: John Raitt; Eileen Christy Aug 10-15, 1964
source: Guide to the Bonoff Family Papers 1899-2007
Oklahoma Program
Souvenir Program - eBay
Oklahoma Program
The Music Man 1964
Eileen Christy .... Marian Pardo
Image #2 at this site. Posting link to site since it has lots of other great old photos.
- Unsinkable Molly Brown starring Jane Powell Pajama Game starring John Raitt Music Man starring Norwood Smith & Eileen Christy the King Family Story - March 21-27

Wilton CT Bulletin 1964

Excerpt from Music Man Program Notes:
Eileen Christy (Marian Pardo [Music Man]) ...Eileen was signed with MGM for four films. Television apperances came next, and the young actress became a regular performer on Los Angeles shows, then Art Linkletter, Arthur Godfrey, Red Skelton and quite regularly with Jack Parr, both in Los Angeles and New York. Stage sucess came with the staring role in "Die Fledermaus" at Hollywood Bowl, "Red Mill" at the Greek Theater was followed by "Wish You Were HERE". Also to her credit ate [sic] "Show Boat," "King and I," "Student Prince," "Merry Widow," and "Most Happy Falls," She appeared in concert with Arthur Fieldler and the San Francisco Symphony, Milton Katins? and the Seattle Symphony, P? Monteus?, David Rose, Carmen Dragon, and was the only artist ever asked to appear twice on one season with the Pasadena Pops with Arthuer Fiedler conducting. Miss Christy found a lasting place in the hearts of Circle Arts Theater opera [Los Angeles Civic Light Opera] last year, co-starring with Richard Banke in "The Student Prince," and with Gene Barry in "Brigadoon."

ebay auction

90 Phoenix Star Theatre; Music Man; Norwood Smith, Eileen Christy 1966
source: Guide to the Bonoff Family Papers 1899-2007


Guys and Dolls (1964)
Hyatt Music Theatre, Burlingame, California

Original Photo of Eileen appearing in College of San Mateo benefit production!
Cast: Eileen Christy
Left - Right: Mrs. Hugo Roche, Mrs. Eugene Campione Setting:
Guys and Dolls - Hyatt Music Theatre Studio: Date: 1964
Guys and Dolls Photo
THIS IS STILL ON internet for sale if anyone in the family would like to purchase it (as of FEB 2015)

Guys and Dolls Photo of Eileen Christy
Guys and Dolls - Eileen plays Sarah Brown, the Salvation Army lass

Music Theater of Lincoln Center stage.

Eileen Christy .... Julie Jordan
Eileen layed and sang the role of Julie in the 1965 Lincoln Center stage revival of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Carousel".
source: wiki

Ferenc Molnár's Hungarian-language drama, Liliom, premiered in Budapest in 1909. The Theatre Guild presented it in New York City in 1921

You could listen to 30 second audio clips of Eileen singing here.

The Movie, which did NOT have Eileen in it, she did the Broadway Production
source: (The musical "Carousel" was adapted from Ferenc Molnar's 1909 play "Liliom"...)
The Movie
Carousel Flyer
Carousel Program
Carousel 2
Carousel CD Front
Notice the painting of the woman on the right matches Eileen.
Eileen was chosen by Richard Rodgers to star with John Raitt in the 20th revival of Carousel on Broadway
Courtesy of Hank Christopherson Collection

December 13 through December 25, 1965 CAROUSEL – musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Starring Eileen Christy, Dran Seitx, Katherine Hilgenberg, Jerry Orbach, Reid Shelton, Benay Venuta, and Edward Everett Horton. Choreography by Agnes de Mille. Directed by Edward Greenberg.
Hear some of Eileen's singing here Amazon UK or iTunes.
CD Front

"CAROUSEL" Music Theater of Lincoln Center Cast Arkiv Music/Masterworks Broadway/Sony Music (SONY 92871) The Music Theater of Lincoln Center's 1965 "Carousel" revival included a still strong-voiced John Raitt recreating his original Billy role with Eileen Christy's clear-voiced Julie and Susan Watson's delightfully funny Carrie. The music is lovely and all of it is well sung here. There are four bonus tracks from two other "Carousel" recordings and the sound of each from the operatic version with Robert Merrill and Patrice Munsel to the more natural Raitt and Doretta Morrow versions are very different. This "Carousel" cast recording has been available before, too. It is one of the better versions of Richard Rodgers' fine score.

12 Image of Eileen at the N.Y. Public Library.
Carousel (1965 Lincoln Center Revival)
Image ID: 1811906 [Eileen Christy (Julie Jordan), John Raitt (Billy Bigelow) and Jerry Orbach (Jigger Craigin) in the 1965 revival of Caro... (1965)
Image ID: 1811911 [Eileen Christy, Dran Seitz and Reid Shelton in the 1966 touring production of Carousel] (1966)
This also starred Jerry Orbach, which you will recognize from TV.

Masterworks Broadway Image1
Image 2

Group of photos of the recording

John Raitt, 88, Star of 'Carousel' and 'Pajama Game,' Dies By RICHARD SEVERO Published: February 21, 2005 Article with one photo

Carousel: What’s the Use of Wond’rin’
Artist : Eileen Christy
Album : Carousel (Music Theater of Lincoln Center)
Composer : Rogers & Hammerstein
Catalog : 6395
Conductor : Franz Allers
TrackNumber : 10
Label : RCA

Forum excerpt
By Gypsy9
re: Famous Standbys-Understudies, etc.
Posted: 8/2/11 at 06:04am
My post utilizes a sort of reverse logic, but is interesting to me at least. Re. the Lincoln Center 1965 revival of CAROUSEL, the stars were the original Billy--John Raitt and Eileen Christy. My ex-sister in law Dorothy Emmerson was the understudy for Eileen Christy and went on for her for the final two performances of the Lincoln Center engagement. Dorothy called me and left a house seat for me for the Saturday matinee. I was thrilled for her. The show then toured wih the Lincoln Center cast intact. Eileen Christy was out for a great number of performances, allowing Dorothy to go on for her on numerous occasions. Richard Rodgers was producer of the show and had picked Dorothy to be Christy's understudy. Despite all of this luck accompanying Dorothy, she nevertheless was never able to capitalize on the experience wih regard to her theatre career. She appeared with Dustin Hoffman in JIMMY SHINE and also was in the cast of the comedy NORMAN, IS THAT YOU? and then she just disappeared from Broadway and the Road, never ro appear on stage again. The life of an actress or actor is surely a difficult one; fame is fleeting, like quicksilver disappearing through your hands.
CD Back
1945 Broadway
1947 U.S. tour
1949 Broadway revival
1950 West End 1954,
1957 City Center revivals
1965 Lincoln Center revival
1992 West End revival
1994 Broadway revival
1996 U.S. tour
2008 West End revival

Aunt Eileen mentioned in the The Oxford Companion to the American Musical:Theatre, Film, and Television ... By Thomas S. Hischak
Eileen Christy
source: The Oxford Companion

The Student Prince (1966)
Los Angeles Civic Light Opera

The Student Prince (Sigmund Romberg), Frank Porretta, Eileen Christy, Hans Conried, Walter Cassel, Murray Matheson, Irra Petina. Released same year as Fiddler on the Roof
Los Angeles Civic Light Opera
Description:A musical in four acts and a prologue
Setting:Ante-chamber and a room of State in the Palace at Karlsburg, Garden and sitting-room of Prince Karl Franz at the Inn of the Three Golden Apples in Heidelberg. Spring, 1830.
Music by: Sigmund Romberg; Libretto by: Dorothy Donnelly
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Student Prince (Sigmund Romberg)
Frank Porretta, Eileen Christy, Hans Conried, Walter Cassel, Murray Matheson, Irra Petina
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Eileen Christopherson
Ebay 1960 Press Photo Eileen Christy for "The Student Prince "

Show Boat (Jerome Kern), Pat O'Brien, Eddie Foy, Jr., Eileen Christy, John Tyers, Gale Sherwood, Audrey Christie
Ebay sale: Showboat Program

Show Boat (Jerome Kern)
Pat O’Brien, Eddie Foy, Jr., Eileen Christy, John Tyers, Gale Sherwood, Audrey Christie
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Red Skelton
"The Clown and the Baton" Davie Rose and his Orchestra
Pauline Christopherson had an autographed publication by Red Skelton, whom my Aunt was featured with

Red Skelton "You're the man who was once a hungy kid in Vincennes; a kid whose father was a circus clown; and you wanted to make people laugh."

Eileen's page in the "The Clown and the Baton'
EILEEN CHRISTY is a native of Manitoba, Canada, who moved to San Francisco at the age of eight. She won first place in the Atwater Kent Auditions and a contract to appear on the Standard Hour on radio and television. Since then she has appeared in "Roberta" and "The Fortune Teller" for the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera Company, in "Die Fledermaus" in Hollywood Bowl and in "The Red Mill" at the Greek Theater.
Eileen has been busy between stage engagements with appearances on such television programs as the Arthur Godfrey Show, Art Linkletter, Steve Allen and David Rose.

In addition she has made many concet appearances with symphony orchestras under the baton of such great conductors as Arthur Fiedler, David Rose and Carmen Dragon. She has been featured soloist with David Rose and his orchestra at the Pasadena Pops, Laguna Symphony and Santa Monica Civic Concerts

Red SkeltonRed SkeltonEileen Christopherson

Performance at the Wharf Theater and Opera House, A Summer of Stars, 1961

Civic Auditorium, 245 Powell ST. Friday 8:30 PM, Eileen was 5th billing after Ella Fitzgerald and Hugh Herbert (Woo Woo Film Comic)
Broadway Opening Night - Vol. One The 60s
DVDs Amazon
Falling in Love Is Wonderful CD
Falling in Love Is Wonderful: Broadway's Greatest Love Duets 2006 Compilation CD Review
NO. 6 If I Loved You Oscar Hammerstein II / Richard Rodgers with Eileen Christy / John Raitt
Carousel: If I Loved You
falling In Love album Front
Falling In Love Back
TCM Classics
Eileen's page at TCM clssic movies (Schedules)

The Rodgers & Hammerstein Songbook Compilation
Label: Sony Catalog: 50135
Release Date: 05/19/2009
Number of Discs: 1
Composer: Richard Rodgers
Performer: Katherine Hilgenberg, Eileen Christy, John Raitt, Mary Martin ...
Conductor: Franz Allers, Salvatore Dell'lsola, Jay Blackton, Orchestra/Ensemble: Studio Orchestra, Chorus, Entire Company

Broadway In A Box CD
Broadway In A Box: The Essential Broadway Musicals Collection - Features 25 Cast Recordings; Extras, Too
Carousel by Richard Rodgers Performer: Jerry Orbach (Voice), Katherine Hilgenberg (Voice), Eileen Christy (Voice), Susan Watson (Voice), John Raitt (Voice),
Reid Shelton (Voice) Conductor: Franz Allers Period: 20th Century Written: 1945; USA Date of Recording: 08/15/1965 Venue: Webster Hall, New York City

There are other Eileen Christy's in the world. She was not '1945 Eileen Christy Miss Menomonie'

Passed away on 07 Apr 2010 in San Mateo, CA, USA
Eileen Keller Eileen Emily Keller Passed away at the age of 82 in San Mateo, Ca. on April 7, 2010. Beloved wife of Norman Keller, devoted mother of Living Keller, Living Thirlwall and Living Carranza. Cherished Grandmother to Living Keller, Living Carranza III, Living Thirlwall, Living Carranza, Living Thirlwall, Kala Keller, and Taylor Carranza. Proud Great-grandmother to Zachary Keller and Savannah Carranza. Also survived by her loving sons in law David Thirlwall, and Pelayo Carranza Jr. and loving daughter in law Living Keller. Also survived by 3 of her eight siblings, loving sister Dorothy Cartwright, and brothers Henry and William Christopherson. Eileen was born in Manitoba Canada, and moved with her family to San Francisco at the age of 8. She attended Lincoln High School, and San Francisco State University. Eileen was a gifted vocalist. She won a national singing competition resulting in a movie contract with MGM. She would then be known under her stage name of Eileen Christy. Eileen would spend her career working in radio, television and musical theatre. She was chosen by Richard Rodgers to star with John Raitt in the 20th revival of Carousel on Broadway. In her later years, Eileen was involved with the Peninsula Childrens Theatre Association and was on the board of Hillbarn theatre. Eileen touched many lives, especially those closest to her, she will be greatly missed. Friends and family are invited to a memorial service on Friday, April 16th at 2pm at Crosby & Gray, & Co. 2 Park Road, Burlingame. 650-342-6617. Memorials to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Reseach.
Memorial Card here

SF Gate

We also have an Opera Singer in the Oddstad Family, named Leona.

Eileen Christy
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