Meet our Relative - Christopherson Branch

Lilja 'Lillie' [3] Sigurborg [5] Christopherson, Lylia S [4] Christopherson was born in 12 Oct 1890., [33] d. NOV 8th, 1901., [33]

Birth: Grund District, Manitoba, Canada [2]

Residence: 1881, Argyle, Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada

Cause of Death: appendicitis . Died age 11., [33]


Grandpa Kjartan's youngest sibling, little Lilja, is mispelt. She had the IDENTICAL

name as my  mother, which is spelt: L-i-l-j-a, as in the Icelandic. Grandpa K named mom after her!

From BC


Her stone marker is marked LYLIA SIGURBORG 1901 AGED 11



Sigurdur, Lilja, and Caroline Christopherson. Original print is with relatives at Grund, Argyle District.

Courtesy of 'Come Into Our Heritage' book


From Miriram Westereng on 4/13/2012: A picture of Lilja hung on John and Vala's bedroom wall.


According to the 1901 Canadian Census, Lilja was listed as Lylia. Since the census taker probably spelled it according to ow it was pronounced, it is probably incorrect. Only the birth or death certificate would prove correct spelling, [4]


Grund w/Sigurdur and family; Closup of whole family; Mike & myself on Grund porch

Email to cousin Alan: Enjoy and thanks for letting Grund stand long as she has. Long Live Grund!
Hope you were able to button the house down after we visited. Figured I should have shut the front door from inside (like with a crowbar) then exited and shut the kitchen, yet we figured your still working the land there and would take care of that. Thanks!

Lilja S Christopherson Christopherson

Daughter of Sigurdur and Caroline Taylor Christopherson


Image: M.W.C._009



1, Jón 'John' S. Christopherson, b. 1877

2. William Christopher Christopherson, b. Abt. 01 Mar 1879

3. Halldor Briem Christopherson, b. 17 Jul 1882

4. Sigurveig 'Veiga' Christopherson Dawe, b. 14 Feb 1884

5. Súsanna Sigurðardóttir Christopherson Brynjólfsson,

b. 07 Jan 1886

6. Kjartan Christopherson, b. after 1886 and bef. 1890

7. Lilja 'Lillie' Sigurborg Christopherson, b. 12 Oct 1890



None. Died young


Grand Aunt of Roy Christopherson

Christopherson Clan Page



Christopherson Family

Courtesy of the C.I.O.H. Book

One of  my favorite photos and so rare! I doubt even Nelson or Ryan Eyford have this. Hope to actually scan it in high resolution someday. Probably with Carol Jarvie in BC? Still figuring out the players as the back side only says 'Christopherson Family Grund House'. It was not in the best shape. If I had a scanner would be crisper.


We know there were 5 Males and 4 Females Here is a later 1901 census, maybe 4 years later, of all the family except Will


For sure Grund farmstead. My GF Kay is front center. Behind him should be Sigurdur.

My guess is Caroline is back far left. Back right looks just like William [back right]? Possibly John with the bike [Halldor]? Halldor in the hat right?

Possibly Susie behind Kay next to Sigurdur and Veiga sitting?

This photo has 5 Males and 5 females. One too many females. No. 5 might be a Friend, Cousin, Guest, Neighbor?


Possibly about Lilja?

Now there is only one photo of Lilja, mispelled as Lilly, Lillie, seen it spelled many ways, yet this possibly might be her in the womans lap. Sigurdur & Caroline's youngest daughter.


Per the census, she was born Oct 12,1890 and per below, died NOV 8th, 1901.

Both in this original photo are unknown View enlarged version



I believe this is one of the last photos of Lilja, yet there is no proof. If the woman is identified, so will the child.

Full image on the Unknown Family page.


I am including a passage from a letter from Caroline Taylor C. about Lilja, as Miriam and Carol refer to her as.

Page 42 of the Ryan Eyford Transcribed Letters

Grund Dec. 31st 1901,

"...But that was not any trouble compared with what has since come. In October Dear little Lilja was taken sick with apendicitis [sic]. We had to take her to Winnipeg to be operated upon. Sigurdur and I both went with her and stayed with her. She just lived one week and after much suffering she died on the eighth of November., [33]





According to what Hank Christopherson told Roy, this is not true. His father Kay told him. I believe Hank is recorded telling the story of how Lilja passed away at Grund, not Winnipeg. When recording is gone through, will readdress. It would seem highly unlikely that Caroline would write this, if it were not so.















Christopherson family at Grund farmstead, R.M. of Argyle, Manitoba

Courtesy of The Carol Jarvie Collection

Photo 5126b will be replaced by this new 600dpi scan courtesy of The Carol Jarvie Collection.

I speculate more about another photo (3219) that might be Lilja here.


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Lilja 'Lillie' Sigurborg Christopherson