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Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

Sigurveig 'Veiga' Christopherson Dawe

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Sigurveig 'Veiga' Christopherson Dawe
Sigurveig 'Veiga' Christopherson Dawe, the fourth child and oldest daughter of Sigurdur and Carrie, was born in 1884. Veiga graduated from Baldur High School, then completed her teacher’s training at Winnipeg Normal and Brandon Collegiate. Veiga’s first school was at Hola, in Argyle., [12]

Grund 1884 at 8 mos. old, Caroline said; "Little Sigurveig is very fair and has big blue Eyes.", [33]

She moved to British Columbia prior to WWI and continued a very successful teaching career in Mud Bay, New Westminster, and in Prince Rupert, where she met and married Thomas Dawe in 1922. Veiga and Tom moved to Veiga’s family home in British Columbia in 1927. Into the late forties, Veiga continued to do sub- stitute teaching. She took a very active part in P.T.A. and served two years on the Surrey School Board. Tom and Veiga are cherished for their love of neighbours and particularly children.Veiga passed away in 1963, predeceased by Tom in 1960., [12]

Veiga and Thomas, or Tommy as he was known were married 28 Sep 1921 at Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada.

There is a great private family letter, whereby Veiga decribes in vivid detail of when she went away from Ytranes to teach. She taught, just as her mother had done, Veiga went to New Westminster. There is one letter describing a vivid event where the group of men met regarding the new teacher; Veiga.
Veiga was a substitute teacher, according to Ed Fader, "at the Crescent School just up the road from where she lived in Crescent Beach. Her house was located just south of the Crescent Beach/Ocean Park border – actually the house was in Ocean Park. People of Ocean Park collected their mail at Crescent until the post office at Ocean Park was built in 1921." Grund Homestead in Manitoba was also a Post Office.

The Ladies Auxiliary to the Crescent Beach Fire Department. The first meeting of the auxiliary was held on September 2, 1947, in the home of Alice M. Copp. The fifteen founding members present at the meeting were: Alice M. Copp, Veiga Dawe, Sheilagh Barrington-Foote, Susan A. Adams, Elsie M. York, Doris Currie, Gertriude Currie, Joan M. Williams, Margaret Weatherburn, Emmie Rawden, Ada Goodyn, B.M. Sandbrook, L. Lindsay, R. Greggor and M.Currie. At the time there were also fifty-four Associate members. The mandate or purpose of the auxiliary was to help with funding for the purchase of furniture, dishes, and other necessities for the fire hall, with the do-all clause of to help the firemen in any manner possible. During 1948, the auxiliary purchased fire coats and boots for the volunteer firemen. In 1949 to 1950, they helped construct and furnish living quarters at the rear section of the fire hall. At a meeting held June 12, 1950, Veiga Dawe made a motion that the Ladies Auxiliary purchase an E & J Inhalator for the fire brigade. On July 26, 1952 an E & J Inhalator, Resuscitator, Aspirator was purchased at a cost of $647. This unit was held in the Crescent Beach Drug Store, available to firemen during emergencies. Veiga passed away 02 Aug 1963 and Carrie moved into the homestead. Read this story by Lorne Pearson.
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Grund Homestead
- Veiga is center.
This photo was almost completely washed out!
L-R: Unknown, William, Johni8p[----------
Kjartan, Veiga, Unknown, Child: Halldor son of William
The picture in the background is of a house. Have not seen in before.

Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Sigurveig 'Veiga' Christopherson Dawe
married Thomas Dawe 1921 9 28 Prince Rupert[3]
Daughter of Sigurdur and Caroline Taylor Christopherson,
Grand Aunt of Roy Christopherson

Veiga Dawe

1, Jón 'John' S. Christopherson, b. 1877
2. William Christopher Christopherson, b. Abt. 01 Mar 1879
3. Halldor Briem Christopherson, b. 17 Jul 1882
4. Sigurveig 'Veiga' Christopherson Dawe, b. 14 Feb 1884
5. Súsanna Sigurðardóttir Christopherson Brynjólfsson,
b. 07 Jan 1886
6. Kjartan Christopherson, b. after 1886 and bef. 1890
7. Lilja 'Lillie' Sigurborg Christopherson, b. 1 Oct 1890
., [33]

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"Come into our Heritage" book excerpt
Photos included

Christopherson Clan Page


Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection


Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Christopherson Clan Page

Christopherson Family

Christopherson Family
Courtesy of the C.I.O.H. Book

Sigurdur Christophersons Family & Spouses
Originally placed on the Clan Christopherson page

Courtesy of the Edith Ireland Collection

Susan 'Susie' Christopherson, Unknown, Veiga CHRISTOPHERSON Dawe, Unknown
Same view as below photos
Grund Homestead. Woman on right shows in a few photos.
Possibly a friend. Taken same day as image 3223.

Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection


Mike Christopherson at Grund
Not visable, there is chicken wire to our left
With the overhang about to fall down, and the porch buckling, we pressed onwards.

Courtesy of The Mike & Roy
Christopherson Collection

Roy Christopherson at Grund Homestead
Mike is puzzled why God Rays are always in my photos?
Having the above photo, standing on the porch after seeing these 100 year old photos was mystical

Courtesy of The Mike & Roy
Christopherson Collection 2013

Hola School where Veiga taught

Courtesy of The Mike & Roy Christopherson Collection
Hola school
Roy has many photos of Hola thanks to his cousins.

Courtesy of The Mike & Roy Christopherson Collection

Sept 22, 1914, Inga Brynolfsson sent postcard 217 Royal Ave., New Westminster, BC, Canada according to postcard Image 4951. Classes held outside last week, new school is finsihed

According to Hank Christopherson, Veiga married Tommy who was an English Gentleman. They both passed away at Ytranes. What Hank told me and what my cousins under John Christopherson recollects seems to differ. According to Hank, there were taxes due and Veiga & Tommy could have lost the house. So Kay, Hank's father, my GFcame up with money somehow, even though he is broke himself, to pay the taxes, although although they were not much. Came to a total of $2,500 dollars and they kept the house. Hank thought it ironic that it was being sold now, it could have been lost back then due to taxes. When Carrie Christopherson bought the house, she paid ...Kay back the 2500.[2]

Cousins Tour 2014 (synopsis page)
Photographed entire album of Veiga's while she attended Victoria School in it's first year. Confirmed by V.S. Archives. Many of her friends, local outtings, drawing classes, trip to Tacoma, WA, family photos at Ytranes. Hope to recan as the batteries on the flip-pal died out, failing me. Album will be posted eventually. About 1914.

FEB 2015:
An item lent to me by cousin Carol Jarvie is a"Lett's Canadian No. 150 Popular One-day Diary" for 1920. Concise Directory of London England businesses Pages 4-16. Perhaps of interest to
some entity in London, unless it is commonly in libraries.
Then it contains Great Aunt Beiga's diary for the year 1920. 1939-1940. A good portion is blank. Initial photos taken to determine content. Then scans might be made.

Another item is an 1891 Ledger Roy believes was maintained by Caroline Christopherson for farm implements sold from Grund. Sadly,
Veiga pasted some news clippings over some pages, as she turned it into a scrapbook. Repurposing was very common back then. Just look at newspapers used as insullation.
Contains many newsclips on the family, Sigurdur, Hernit, Sadie Pratt, Dorothy Carpenter, Nonni (author), and probably many of her local friends.

APR 2015: Viewed each page in Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson's diary which belongs to Cousin Carol. Covers a trip to MB, used as a ledger, and covers 1911 jumping to 1919. Nothing about New Iceland is in it.

[1] BC Archives microfilm (Yr/Mo/Day)
[2] Voice0007_CarNotes_Taxes and Sale of Ytranes - Roys voice notes from dinner with Hank JAN 22, 2011.