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Halldor Briem Christopherson

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Descendants of Haldor Briem Christopherson
Halldor Briem Christopherson was born in 1882 in. d. 1954 4 18 New Westminster, age 71
Halldor was named after his uncle; Halldor Briem.., [33] He was known as 'Dorie'. His name is spelled on many websites and in books with one or two 'L's.

"Dori was the third child of Sigurdur and Carrie, born in Argyle in 1882. In 1912 he married Ranka Johnson, only daughter of Sigmundur and Sophia Johnson of Argyle. Dori entered the business world soon after his marriage and moved to Vancouver, B.C. He was the manager of Martin-Senour Paints department at McLennan and McFeely’s in that city. Ranka and Dori had one son, William (Bill). Ranka died in 1929, and Bill stayed with his aunt Veiga Dawe until Dori re-married Leslie Cole. Dori and Leslie lived at Crescent from the late forties on, and Dori commuted to his work in Vancouver. Dori passed away in 1954, and Leslie in 1962.", [12]

In 1902, the Johnson family moved to Baldur to farm 12-6-14. Kari, Ranka's brother worked for the R.M. of Argyle from 1923 to 1961. Kari and Anna Johnson's 4th daughter is also named Ranka.
Hilla, Bjorn's wife played the Grund Church organ for 45 years.
Source: Come Into Our Heritage

From Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson's diary Halldor was the second child born in the Argyle Icelandic Settlement (Grund).

There are atleast 64 photos of Ranka in the Souviner, Black and Loose Sig/Hank Christopherson Collections.

To Do: Post all early photos of Ranka as that might be their mother.

Halldor is third from the right in this photo here. Ranka is far right

Halldor (Older) is NO. 8 in this photo here.

Residence: 1909 May 10 - Baldur, MB
Residence: 1910 AUG 1 - 2731 Quebec ST, Vancouver, B.C. according to postcard - IMG_SCAN_2352_Back
Residence: 1911, APR 14 South Hill RD(?), South Vancouver, B.C.
Residence: 1912 36-6-?, Vancouver, BC

According to image 2378 of a postcard send from veiga at Christmas time, Dori Christopherson as at Kamloops, BC, postmarked Elgin.

Image 2277
Ranka JOHNSON Christopherson
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Image 227
___ Christopherson
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection 2278
Image 2278
Halldor Christopherson
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection Image 3388
Click to enlarge
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
This one always threw me off. I am 99% sure this is Halldor, Kay's older brother, whom in a letter from Caroline Christopherson to her sister, Susie Briem in Iceland.

Caroline Christopherson’s letters to her sister in Iceland Susanna Taylor Briem, 1880-1921 Transcribed, Edited, and Annotated by Ryan Eyford, PhD , Assistant Professor , Department of History , University of Winnipeg , 515 Portage Ave. , Winnipeg, MB
Caroline said at Grund, P.O., Apr. 21, 1889
"You would I am sure take a great deal of pleasure in the company of little Halldor if you were near to us. He is such a thoughtful little fellow and has such original ideas. You could not help but laugh at him. For instance he asked me last summer if God would not give us any more children & I told him that he would if he asked him, so he asked God to send us a little girl baby little enough for him to hold. I told Dori that he must not expect it right away, that God would have to let it grow until it was fit to come to live with us. He then asked me if I thought God was planting the baby in Heaven. Then he used to try to keep awake so that he might see God when he came with the baby. So you may be sure that he claims Kjartan for his own and thinks a great deal of him", [35]

Roy could be wrong, but this is possibly Halldor, third son of Sigurdur with a mustache holding someones baby, perhaps his own, Billy, at the corner of the Ytranes porch with the guest house and barn in the background and "possibly" Kay's cabin in the right background. Possibly baby is William 'Bill'. The photo was poorly photographed and lacking details. Halldor lived north of them as shown on the Ytranes Homestead page.

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Christopherson Family
Courtesy of the C.I.O.H. Book

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Halldor is in back row, far right
Kjartan and Lorne are already in San Francisco
Courtesy of Edith Ireland Collection