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Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

William Christopher Christopherson

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William Christopher Christopherson William was born in March 1, 1879, Keewatin, Husavick, Northwest Territories, Manitoba. Died 28 Sep 1941, Surrey, B.C., Canada [2].
William married Kristin 'Stina' OLAFSDOTTIR.

William Christopher Christopherson was born at Husavik, Man. near Gimli on March 1, 1879. He came to Grund at the age of two with his parents and his older brother John in the spring of 1881.

Christening Date: 15 Mar 1879 Christening Place: VIDINES SOUTH, , MANITOBA, MANITOBA Birth Date: 01 Mar 1879 Source

He attended Hecla School and worked at home on the farm. He bought the NE 33-5-14 by Jones Lake, near Grund, where he built a shanty, barn and hen house. On May 29, 1899, he married Kristin Jonsdottir. Kristin was born in Iceland, on April 18, 1880. She came to Canada in 1893. She was a quiet, gentle person with a beautiful personality. Together she and Will ran a prosperous farming operation at Grund with their son, John. They were rich in hospitality. It was always a favourite place for relatives to come ‘home’ to Grund. She helped with the Grund Post Office and enjoyed errands or getting around with her horse and buggy. She was a member of the Dorcas Society, which was established by a group of young girls and women during WWI, to send parcels and knitting to the soldiers who had gone overseas from the district. Later she joined the Frelsis Lutheran Ladies Aid of which she was a staunch, faithful member the rest of her days.
Image 4008
John, Sigurdur, William & Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson
Aft. Mar 1879, Circa 1881
Kindly sent "Reprint from Evie" [Evelyn Christopherson Ruccius in the past ]
C/O Sig & Hank Christopherson
Children may be visa-versa

Will’s parents moved to the west coast and the oldest son, John, stayed at Grund to manage the farm. In 1912, John and his wife, Vala and three boys sold out and moved to the west coast. lt was at this time, Will and Kristin and son Johnny, aged 10, moved to Grund and rented the farm from his father. After his father Sigurdur passed away in 1921, Will bought the Grund farm from the estate. Will took an active interest in community affairs and politics. He was a member of the Municipal Council of Argyle for many years, served as a school trustee, member of Frelsis Lutheran Church Board, Pool Elevator Board and was a cattle shipper for years. He was post master at Grund Post Office until it was abolished in the late twenties. Will passed away on Sept. 28, 1941.

After her husband’s death, Kristin continued to live at Grund with her son and daughter-in-law, who now had taken over the farm.
She now became more involved with Sunday School work, serving as its superintendent. She also spent time at Sunrise Lutheran Summer Camp for young people at Husavik, near Gimli. She was a capable ‘house mother’ and enjoyed this work very much.

During WWII her knitting needles were never idle, knitting for the Red Cross to send to Canadian men overseas. Her granddaughter has, and cherishes, the Red Cross Pin her grandma was awarded for her work during the war. She passed away on Nov. 24, 1946.
Grund Farmstead, circa 1912, Argyle Dist. MB
1912 Will's family moved into Grund, 1921 Will bought Grund
Courtesy of Ed Fader and Ocean Park Collection

Will and Kristin were blessed with two sons: Halldor (Dori) who was born on Sept. 23, 1900; and John William, who was born on Sept. 29, 1902.
Dori died in 1912. 12.
Source: Come Into Our Heritage book

Residence: 1901, Argyle, Lisgar, Manitoba, Canada [1]
Occupation: Farmer, School Board, Thirty yrs
Married Kristin Jonsdottir 29th May 1899. Her parents were Jon Kristjansson and Hólmfríður Olafsdottir
1 page article on Kristin Jonsdottir on how they met in Icelandic. She had gone to watch a game in the winter at Skjaldbreid
(might be the Hall on Grund property. There she found out who Will was. Story by G. J. Oleson.

Susie Briem refers to William and 'Willie'.
...I received a letter the other day from Will, Carrie's son; the first time he has written to me.
He wanted me to come over to Canada with the Cunard line ship last summer. I would have loved to
go if I had dared.
Tell me how things go with you. I hear so much about the hard times in the U.S. Is it the
same in Canada?...

From Kormakur.Hognason
William Christopherson, died in September 1941) at Grund in Argyle county. 
Source: Almanak Ólafs S. Thorgeirssonar 1942 Vol. 48 Issue 1 page 106 Source

He was survived by his wife Kristín, called Stína (Kristín was born April 18, 1880, she died before June 1947), one son, and five siblings, John and Halldór in Vancouver, Kjartan in San Francisco, and Sólveig in Crescent, B.C., and Susanna Brynjólfson in Chicago Source: Lögberg Oct. 2, 1941 page 8

William was born March 1, 1879 Source: 1911 Canada census of Canada for Argyle

William and Kristín had two sons: 1. Halldór born Sept. 23, 1900 2. John William Sept. 1902 Source: 1911 Canada census of Canada for Argyle

Image 2472
Stina, Will Christopherson, Ted, Laura, Unknown
From the Ted Christopherson Collection

Image 2473
Stina, Unknown, and Laura probably bidding Ted farewell as he gets on the bus.
From the Ted Christopherson Collection

Image 2474
Will, Ted, and Stina
From the Ted Christopherson Collection

Beneath the Long Grass', page 171, Glenboro Chior 50th Celebration, "William Christopherson", middle back row,
along with others-upload photo.

Interesting census 1881 showing Caroline and Jan living same household

Jane Hearne F 21y Ontario
C Christopherson F 24y Ontario
John Christopherson M 4y Northwest Territories
Wm Christopherson M 2y Northwest Territories
Georgina Hearne F 3m ---
Rosabella Taylor F 4y Northwest Territories

Source This census seems to difer

Kristin Jonsdottir Christopherson's Obit in Icelandic with photo. PG 69 -70 Source:
Bad Google Translation:
1880 -1946. It was the winter of 1899-1900 I was standing on Skjaldbreið in Western part Argyle based. Arrived to watch the game "Æfintvri on Promenade '.' I sat on my own in a class where and draft my attention 2 young characters are sitting in front of me, and seemed out of the way lukkulegar. I watched the game with admiration the people played a fine thing well this beautiful game but also had my eye on this young personalities about which seemed so happy and I liked so well. I have forgotten game largely the picture of the young spouses has been clear to me for thoughts kotssjónum to this day. I was told it was William C. Christopher- son of Grund (son Sigurd Christo- Pherson pioneer name and his fine Herlent wife Caroline Taylor) and his wife Kristin Jonsdottir the emerging married. They married on May 29 1899. He died 28 sept. In 1941 she died in the last year autumn on 24 November and I will remember her few words for Ardisa. Christianity ine was born in diffrent in S. Þingeyj- arsýslu April 18 1880. Her parents were Jón Kristjánsson and Hólmfríður Ólafsdóttir.
Her father will have died in Iceland , but she came west with his mother in 1893 and then immediately Argyle settlement. When she married they settled in the manor house Grund and they had a home until his death . Kristin was way harmonious and unassuming and most of all appreciated . she was Being a member of the congregation and the Junior League and more than once President the . She taught Sunday school and was loyal to the job , and she worked with faith and virtue for the welfare of their normal environment . hospitable was She and a good home to download , I knew her and the couple well for a long time. I was never so Grund that it had me clear visual I am saw them for the first time Skjaldbreið . They breittust not , however, the years passed , they seemed always as cheerful and happy, I think they have lived life
pg 68
withered as it should be , -óslitnu courtship practices end. Mother their handled it excellently to old age . She leaves a son by the name of John who lives by her father Grund also has two grandchildren, Donna and Bobby . Olaf brother lives to Hnausa , Man . The funeral was very dignified , from the home and church Freedom of assembly . Rev. E. H. tarragon ground singing.
"Oh blessed moment is high in the heavens halls,
My heart friend I again get to see ,
and our practice of their numbers,
as shadow that has passed . "

G. J. Olesova .

William C. Christopherson 1879 1941 Obituary

1., 1901 Census of Canada (Provo, UT, USA, Operations Inc, 2006),, Database online. Record for Kristin Christopherson.

2. Mormon Church - International (Internationl Genealogical Index V5.0).

  William Christopher Christopherson
married Kristin Olafsdottir
Son of Sigurdur and Caroline Taylor Christopherson,
Grand Uncle of Roy Christopherson

John Sigurdur Christopherson
Image: SCAN0165

Married Kristin 'Stina' OLAFSDOTTIR.

1, Jón 'John' S. Christopherson, b. 1877
2. William Christopher Christopherson, b. Abt. 01 Mar 1879
3. Halldor Briem Christopherson, b. 17 Jul 1882
4. Sigurveig 'Veiga' Christopherson Dawe, b. 14 Feb 1884
5. Súsanna Sigurðardóttir Christopherson Brynjólfsson,
b. 07 Jan 1886
6. Kjartan Christopherson, b. after 1886 and bef. 1890
7. Lylia S Christopherson, b. 12 Oct 1890
., [33]

1. Halldor Christopherson b. 1900
2. John Christopherson

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Argyle District

Grund Farmstead

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Image 3269
William Christopherson

Sigurdur & Caroline Taylor Christopherson Family
from the Come into our Heritage Book

William Christopherson
William Christopher Christopherson stayed in
Grund, Argyle District and bought the farmstead

Courtesy of The Donna - Lauren & Gordon
Skardal and Donalee

Haldor, William and John
Haldor, William Christopher, and John Christopherson
Sigurdur & Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson sons

Courtesy of The Donna - Lauren & Gordon
Skardal and Donalee

Sigurdur Christophersons Family & Spouses
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Courtesy of Edith Ireland Collection