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Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

John Christopherson

John William, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Christopherson, was born on Sept. 29, 1902, in the Grund district at NE 33-5-14. He attended Mimir School until at the age of l0, he moved to Grund with his parents. Then he attended Hola School. He quit school during WWI to work on the land. Here he farmed, initially with his father and later, on his own.

On May 29, 1933, John and Laura were married. Laura’s parents were Hannes and Margret Anderson of Wynyard, Sask., where she grew up. She was born Feb. 12, 1910, attended Harvard Country School, Wynyard School and at Winnipegosis, Man.

John and Laura’s first home was on the farm by Jones’ Lake NE 33-5-14. It is a beautiful spot and they enjoyed their brief stay there. They brought in an unfinished three-room bungalow, with a screened-in verandah at both front and back and painted it inside and out. The house was set in the oak bluff, east of John’s parents’ house.

Three-room bungalow of John and Laura's
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection [59]
Garage 2013 as seen in left photo
Courtesy of The Roy Christopherson Collection

Much of their furniture was old, discarded pieces found in granaries at Grund, such as the old parlour settee chairs they cleaned, polished, and recovered in floral chintz.

For their kitchen, they brought in the old homemade cupboard with a hutch, made by John’s great-grandpa, William Taylor. After cleaning and scrubbing, they painted it. With Grandma Holmfridur’s clock on the top shelf of the hutch, along with pretty plates and vases it looked quite nice. In another corner, they stacked apple boxes, one on top_of another until they had two high cupboards side by side. Laura made frilly curtains for the window out of yellow and white checked gingham and one to match over the front of the apple box cupboards. They found a dropleaf table and a few sturdy chairs, painted them and placed them under the window with a view of the lake, through the oak bluff full of wildlife and birds.

In the winter months, a trip to town by sleigh for mail and groceries was made once a week. There were always plenty of apple boxes, and a column in the ‘weekly’ farm papers featured patterns and directions for articles to make from them. Laura began her winter hobby, tracing patterns onto the boards with saw and fret saw. In those days the wood in these boxes was fairly good. John was not impressed with her workmanship so he took over. Together, John and Laura made plant stands, a magazine rack, knick-knack corner shelves, bird houses. Laura was very proud of their work, and these items lasted for years. Two orange crates, with a board across the top and a frilly, flowered organdy skirt served as a dressing table for a little girl’s room. A mirror was purchased to hang on the wall above. As a cold storage box, John got an old gasoline drum, cut the top out and dug it into the ground in a well shaded spot near the back door. This served as a cooler for left over foods, milk, butter. Eventually the family moved into the big house. John was active in community affairs from childhood. As time passed, so did progress, with more involvement in community and town. For many years John was a trustee on the Frelsis Lutheran Church Board, a trustee for the Hola School District, and a member of the Pool Elevator Board. He was councillor in the Rural Municipality of Argyle, and a member of the Baldur Hospital Board for many years.

John and Laura had one daughter,
Donna (Mrs. Norman Skardal);
and one son, Robert John (Bob).
There are six grandchildren, Stanley and Alan Skardal, Lauren (Mrs. Gordon Jones) redacted, Timothy and Jon Christopherson and one great-grandson [redacted] Jones.

Living Christopherson was born at Grund, July 21, 1941, He attended school at Hola and Baldur and subsequently studied agriculture at the University of Manitoba, receiving a B.S.A. (Honors) degree in . After graduation he farmed in partnership with his father at Grund for two years before returning to the University of Manitoba to study for an M.Sc. degree in Animal Science. He worked for one year as an agricultural representative at The Pas and then attended the University of Alberta where he received a Ph.D. in Animal Physiology in 1971. At that time he joined the staff of the University of Alberta and did research on the Physiology of farm animals. In 1966 he married Jeannine M. Dumont, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Dumont of Birch River, Man.

They have three children: living Dumont was born in Winnipeg in 1967; Living was born in Edmonton in 1970; Living was born in Bristol, England, in 1978, where they lived for one year.

By coincidence, Living was born in the birthplace of his great-great-great-grandfather, William Stuart Taylor, who was born in Bristol in the year 1830.

When Laura came to Grund in 1933, she became a member of the Frelsis Lutheran Ladies’ Aid in October of that year, and enjoyed the many years working with this very active community. As the years went by, with improved roads and antifreeze, the couple became more invovled with town activities. Before that cars, were put away for the winter and if people lived far from town, they just did not go until the warm weather arrived. Laura was a member of the Baldur Hospital Aid for several years and did a lot of sewing. When they could, country women enjoyed getting in to help with catering to banquets and serving lunches at the rink. Then there was the Baldur Hobbycraft Club, which Laura was involved with and enjoyed very much; and was also a member of the Baldur Lutheran Ladies’ Aid. Grund remained the Christopherson’s home until 1972» when thfiy moved to Baldur. John passed away on Jan. 6, 1981. 12.
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John Christopherson Son of William and Kristin 'Stina' Christopherson

Married Laura Anderson

John and Laura Christopherson

1. Halldor Cjristopherson b. 1900
John Christopherson b. 1902

2. Living Christopherson

Christopherson Clan Page

Argyle District

Grund Farmstead

Locations: Baldur


John Christopherson, son of William and KRISTIN JONSDOTTER Christopherson
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection


John and Haldor Christopherson,
sons of William and KRISTIN JONSDOTTER Christopherson
This may be the oldest photo of Haldor.

Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collectio

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