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Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

Donna nee Christopherson Skardal

Donna nee Christopherson Skardal born: 19 May 1934, SE10-6-14, Argyle District, Manitoba, Canada.[1] D. 2008. Hola School and High School in Baldur
Father: John Christopherson
Mother: Laura nee Anderson Christopherson

Occupation: 1952 Royal Bank, Baldur Br.
Donna married Norman Skardal 27 Jun 1953

"Occupation: Grandma only worked at the Royal Bank 1 year before she and Grandpa Married. Then she farmed with him and drove a school bus to Baldur School in later years."
From Donna's Great Granddaughter

Norman Stanley was born on April 28, 1930, the younger son of Chris and Una Skardal. [Norman married] Donna Christopherson was born at Grund and grew up there attending school at Hola and later Baldur High. Donna then worked at the Royal Bank in Baldur before being married. Norman attended Baldur Elementary and High School, quitting after grade X to farm with his father and brother. Working two months in 1949 in the mines at Flin Flon was enough to make him happy to be back farming.

On June 27, 1953, Norman and Donna were married at the Grund home where her parents, John and Laura, had been married 20 years before.
They have three children, Stanley, [Living Skardal] and [Living SKARDAL Jones], and one grandson.

John Christian Stanley was born March 22, 1954. He attended school at Baldur. On July 23, 1977, he married Donna Marie, daughter of Adolphe K. and Annie DeBaets, who was born Nov. 4, 1958. Donna took her schooling at Baldur and also a year of teachers’ college in Winnipeg. Stan farms with his father and brother. Donna works as administrative relief and a para-professional at Baldur School. They live in a trailer which they set up on a picturesque spot on NE 24-5-14 near Norman and Donna’s home.

[Living Skardal] was born May 20, 1956. He attended Baldur School. On June 23, 1979, he married Belinda Mae, daughter of George and lrene VaDamme, who was born Dec. 12, 1959. Belinda attended school in Glenboro and later worked for the Safeway Employee’s Credit Union in Winnipeg. Alan farms with his dad and brother, and {Living Jones] works at the Baldur Hospital. They are living 643 at Grund, SE 10-6-14, Alan being the fifth generation of the Christopherson family to live there.

[Living SKARDAL Jones] was born July 17, 1957. She attended school at Baldur and worked in Winnipeg for the Manitoba Telephone System. On Oct. 9, 1976, she married Living, son of Clare and Evelyn Jones (see Jones).
They have one son, [Living Jones], born April 1, 1980. In 1953, Norman and Donna began buying milk cows, gradually building up a herd and shipping cream. Those first years they were married they lived on those cream cheques. They wouldn’t go very far today! Driving a school bus for 17 years, beginning in 1960, was a new experience that kept them in touch with the young people in the community. Manitoba’s Centennial, 1970, was also the year they built a new house. The water on tap and steady warmth from the ceiling electric heat was a welcome change from the booker heater, ashes, and water pails, but as they walked through the old rooms moving things out to the new house, they felt a tug at the heart for all the good times. Norman and Donna continue farming with their sons - a mixed farming business of beef cattle and a variety of grains. One of the most exciting things they have learned is how to fly. In 1975, when they bought their first plane, they thought they would do a lot of flying, but good flying weather is also good “haying” weather so they often have to be satisfied with short trips like “checking the cattle and the neighbours from the air” and just dream about trips to far places!. 12.

5/22/2012 10:41 PM
I just wanted to send you an email and let you know I am enjoying your website.
My name is Living Jones and I am a great grand daughter of John & Laura Christopherson.
Occupation: Grandma (Donna) only worked at the Royal Bank 1 year before she and Grandpa (Norman) Married. Then she farmed with him and drove a school bus to Baldur School in later years.
Grand daughter of Donna (L) & Norman Skardal.

Poetry Contest Winners 2003
Open Poetry

1st Place:

"SMALL POX WINTER" - (Sigridur's Prayer)
By Donna Skardal

HL_WEB_0063_donna (Dead link)

[1] Donna Skardal club Bio

Donna also did the poem for the Calendar showing Grund homestead and the Christopherson family.

"Another confirmation on the name of Slimmons, as in Isabella Slimmons Taylor. In a letter from Donna Skardal to Carrie & Luke Humber, she says "It is the Irish Santa...stands on my desk in honor of my great great grandmother Isabella Slimmons Taylor (Caroline's mother). I want to find out more about her..."
Source Private C.B.M. Collection 2011 Letters to Ytranes Pg. 61, paragraph 3.

*Roy now believes the last name seemed to vary due to it being changed in the past*

The reference to Page 61 in the Black Binder of roughly 100 family letters Carol Jarvie's daughter retyped
Donna mentions a story ..Green coat with sheep skin collar and cuffs holding a rough pole for a staff, with a sheep to stand beside him." This last part is above in line two where "..." is at. For some reason Roy redacted it.
Being that it is still in the family and they were unaware of it's meaning, Roy is inluding these details.
Posted under
RnD done on 6th of JULY 2011

For the record, Bruce Costello said Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson considered herself a Scotswoman (Ref: Taylor RnD) This has intrigued Roy very much considering he has traced her family to Bristol ENG.
In the end of the year 2012, Roy has read a great deal on the history of Barbados, the colonization of said Island,
and learned that Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson's great grandmother, a Leslie on this gg mothers side, and possibly born in Scotland. Caroline's mother being Irish and her father born in Barbados, descending from England, her mother died at an early age, and the Slemins branch has been lost in time.
All this is this time. .

Roy welsomes any photos and such the family would like to share.

Added one page PDF on Sigurdur's mother and drawing by Donna from Carol J.. Copy link from CSES News 2012

Donna Christopherson and her uncle Ted Christopherson

Donna nee Christopherson Skardal
daughter of John William Christopherson
and Laura Anderson Christopherson
[Find individual photo of Donna for here]

Married Norman Skardal

Grand daughter of Will Christopherson, son of Sigurdur

1. Donna nee Christopherson Skardal
2. Living Christopherson

1. Stanley Skardal
m. Living Debaets

2. Living Skardal
m. Living Van Damme [1]
2.1. Living Skardal
2.2. Living Skardal

3. Living Skardal
m. Living Jones
3.1. Living Jones (M)
3.2. Living Jones (F)

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Christopherson Clan Page

Argyle District

Grund Farmstead

Locations: Baldur

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Image 2348 Donna and Norman Skardal

Possibly 06/27/1953
Wedding of Norman and DonnaSkardal
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection [59]


Laura, John, Living Christopherson at Grund
Photos courtesy of the
Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection

Donna nee Christopherson Skardal, and
Stanley at Grund

Confirmed ID's by Living Jones
Photos courtesy of the
Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection
See more photos at Clann Christopherson page
Image 0854

John, Donna, Laura, Living
Photos courtesy of the
Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection
Image 0855

Living and Donna
Photos courtesy of the
Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection
Image 0849

Paulline & Ted, Stina, Will's wife, Donna, Laura, Living
Photos courtesy of the
Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection
Image 0853

GPauline, John, Laura, Donna, Living, Stina
Look how shy mom (Pauline was)
Photos courtesy of the
Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection

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