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Meet our Relatives - Cartwright to Bressler Branch

Robert Eugene Cartwright

Revised: November 13, 2011
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Robert Eugene Cartwright, father of Robert and Caroline Cartwright

Joseph Leslie Cartwright
, b.14 May 1897, Rebecca Bressler is Joseph's mother,

Rebecca Elizabeth Bressler
, Born 15 Jul 1868, Death: 5 JUL 1940 in Fresno Fresno Co. CA. Burial: Mountain View Cemetery Fresno Co. CA.
Rebecca Elizabeth Bresslar (1867 - 1940) Born in Iowa, USA on 1867 to George W Bressler and Cadessa Thompson. Rebecca Elizabeth married Jasper Edward Cartwright and became Rebecca Elizabeth Cartwright and had 4 children. She passed away on 5 Jul 1940 in Fresno, California, USA.
Rebecca's husband: Jasper Edward Cartwright (1855 - 1924) Born in Coles, Illinois, USA on 16 Oct 1855 to John I Cartwright and Martha Ashby. Jasper Edward married Rebecca Elizabeth Bresslar and had 4 children. He passed away on 22 Feb 1924 in Fresno, Fresno, California, USA.


Rebecca's Father: George W Bressler, (1825 - ) Born in Dauphin, Pennsylvania, USA on 11 Mar 1825 to George Bressler and Rebecca Carlin. George W Bressler married Cadessa Thompson and had 10 children. Cadessa Thompson (1831 - ) Born in Pennsylvania, USA on 1831.

George and Cadessa's Children:
1. Becky Bressler, ?
2. Charles Bressler, ?
3. Frank Bressler, ?
4. Joe Bressler, ?
5. Julia Bressler, 1857 in Iowa, USA
6. Theodore A Bressler, 1852 in Iowa, USA
7. John Bressler, 1854 in Iowa, USA
8. William Bressler, 7 Aug 1859 in Iowa, USA
9. Samuel Bressler, 1862 in Iowa, USA
Samuel1Samuel2 Possibly your Samuel Bressler, rebecca's brother from
Rebecca Elizabeth Bresslar

George Bressler
(1791 - 1850) Born in Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, USA on 24 Jun 1791. George married Rebecca Carlin and had 7 children. He passed away on 9 May 1850. Rebecca Carlin (1795 - 1870) Born in Pennsylvania, USA on 12 Aug 1795. She passed away on 1870 in Tama City, Iowa, USA.

Georges branch
father George Bressler (Sr?), 24 Jun 1791 Harrisburg,Dauphin,Pennsylvania,USA
eleven children Johann Nicholas Bressler, b. Jun 1752 ,Lancaster,Pennsylvania,USA

Info on Bressler, may be unrelated see here.


German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): variant ofBreslauer.

Rebecca Carlin
[CARLIN NAME MEANING Irish (now also common in Scotland): Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Cairealláin , an Ulster family name, also sometimes Anglicized as Carlton, meaning ‘descendant of Caireallán’, a diminutive of the personal name Caireall.

From Irish Names and Surnames 1923

Ó CAIREALLÁIN—IO Caralane, O Carlane, Carellan, Carlan, Carland, Carlin, (Carleton); 'descendant of Caireallán' (diminutive of Caireall); the name of a branch of the Cinel Eoghain who were formerly chiefs of Clandermot, Co. Derry.

Rebecca Tree

POSSIBLY YOUR REBECCA (Ck against Locations):
power of attorney to Harrison Dills, of Quincy, "to sell remaining right and title, interest and claim of, in and to, lots six and seven, in block ten,
as designated on the original plat of the city of Quincy."' Mr. Dills sold the premises, on April 8, 1852, to Mrs. Rebecca Carlin for $8,5(X),
and she conveyed the same to John Schell, who lived there several years, and sold it to Mr. Gather. That gentleman tore the old "Young mansion" away
in 1856 or 1857 and built on its site the hotel which was first called the Gather House, and afterwards, in other hands, the St. Gharles, and afterwards again, and still in other hands, the Tremont. [1]

George and Rebecca's Children:
1. Henry Bressler, 14 Mar 1817 in Dauphin, Pennsylvania, USA
HenryBesslerPossibly Henry
Henry Bessler 1817-1878 and Possibly Henry at older age, brother of George, except face is different

2. Jacob Bressler, 23 Mar 1821 in Dauphin, Pennsylvania, USA
3. George W Bressler,
4. Samuel Bressler, 22 Apr 1827 in Dauphin, Pennsylvania, USA
5. Sarah Bresler, 26 Aug 1829 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
6. John Bressler, 14 Jun 1832 in Dauphin, Pennsylvania, USA
7. Daniel W Bressler, Apr 1839 in Pennsylvania, USA

his branch ends

Another list of the children
Children of George Bressler and Rebecca Carlin are:

+Henry Bressler, b. 1818, Dauphin, PA7, 7, 7, 7.
Magdalen Bressler, b. 14 Apr 1823, Dauphin, PA7.
Sarah Ann Bressler, b. 26 Aug 1829, Cumberland, PA7, d. 10 Apr 1896, Lisbon, Linn, IA7.
Samuel Bressler, b. 22 Apr 1827, Dauphin, PA7, d. Feb 1871, Lee, IA7.
George W Bressler, b. 11 Mar 1825, Dauphin, PA7.
Mary Bressler, b. 24 Dec 1818, Dauphin, PA7, d. 14 Jan 18207.
Jacob Bressler, b. 23 Mar 1821, Dauphin, PA7.
John Bressler, b. 14 Jun 1832, Dauphin, PA7, d. 13 Jan 1884, Santa Ana, CA7.
Margaret Bressler, b. 18 Mar 1831, Dauphin, PA7, d. 11 Apr 1831, Dauphin, PA7.
Daniel W Bressler, b. Apr 1839, PA7. Rebecca Bressler, b. 20 Nov 1834, Dauphin, PA7, d. 18967.

Does not seem to match, their George was born different date
George Bressler, b. 10 Oct 1738, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA5, d. 16 Aug 1806, Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA5.
Cartwright's George was born 1825.

Johann's wife, Eva Emelia Kendig b. 1710
Johann Nicholas Bressler (son of Johannes Bressler and Eva Emelia Kendig) was born June 1752 in Lancaster Co. Pa., and died November 06, 1825 in Lykens Twp. Dauphin Cnty, Pa..
He married Magdalena Stoner on March 29, 1785 in 1st Reformed Church, Lancaster, Pa., daughter of Jacob Stoner and Elizabeth Resh.
More About Johann Nicholas Bressler and Magdalena Stoner: Marriage: March 29, 1785, 1st Reformed Church, Lancaster, Pa..
Children of Johann Nicholas Bressler and Magdalena Stoner are:
+Abraham Bressler, b. June 19, 1793, Pennsylvania, d. July 08, 1861, Enterline, Pa.

George Wilder Cartwright

The Presley/Preslar/Pressly Report may or may not have relations, yet has a great quote...

"Roughly ninety per cent of all the people who ever existed slipped into complete oblivion, without leaving even their names behind. The loss of their identities, like the extinction of a species, is irreparable."
THE NEW YORKER, May 13, 1985, "A Reporter at Large. The Mountain of Names" by Alex Shournatoff.

Always fun finding some well known person connected to the family.
They are missing a person below so I doubt this tree below is accurate at all!

Arthur John Evans (1851-1941)
English Archeologist
Sir Arthur John Evans was the British archaeologist known for uncovering the Minoan civilization.
Relationship: 1st Cousin 8 times removed

related to

Rebecca Elizabeth Bresslar

Ancestry Tree below (links do not work)

Robert Eugene Cartwright,
son of Isabelle Jacobsen
09 Jul 1925 in Bristol, Fresno, Calif..

Robert Cartwright
Robert E. Cartwright


Grandparent of Rebecca Elizabeth Bresslar 8th Great Grandparent of Arthur John Evans
PID: 33816741 George Bressler
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PID: 33816761 George W Bressler
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PID: 3930829 Rebecca Elizabeth Bresslar
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PID: 34630710 Arthur John Evans
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