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Meet our Relatives - Oddstad Branch

Sveinbjörn Swaini Sveinbjörnson

Sveinbjörn Swaini Sveinbjörnson , b.1882, d. Bet. 1917–1973., [1] Sveini arrived with his parents and siblings in 1887 to Baldur, Manitoba. In 1905 he staked a claim in the Mimer District in Saskatchewan and in 1909 he married Jakobina Helgason and they had four children. [2]
1. Theodore was born December 7, 1910, he married Emily Gudnason on Nov. 9, 1938
they had four children:
1a. Shirley Ann
1b. Brian
1c. Barry
1d. Carol. [2]

2. John S. was born May 9, 1914, he married Julie Kosoy
They had three children:
2a. Lavern
2b. Rodney
2c. Candace. [2]

Daralee's Grandma, Jonina was born Sept. 30, 1916, she married Alan Hamilton on Nov. 6, 1940
They had two children
Daralee's father Donald Hamilton and he married Bernice Dorosh. They have three children: Dale, Daralee and Darcy. (And two granddaughters). Daralee's Aunt Doreen married Mervin Hayko and they have two sons: Richard and Robert (Kory). (And five granddaughters). [2]


Helgi was born on Jan. 30, 1923, he married Helen McFayden
They had two sons:
Bradley. [2]

In the late 1920's Mr. and Mrs. Jon Oddstad (Daralee's great grandparents) came to stay with the family until their death in the 1930's. Mr. Oddstad was blind for twelve years before his death.


Also on the same page is Gudjon (Guy) Sveinbjornson's history, it's short and less detailed. Gudjon J. Sveinbjornson and Gudrun Katrin Sturlason were both born in Iceland came to Manitoba as children. They were married in Glenboro, Manitoba in 1910 and later moved to a farm west of Kandahar, Saskatchewan. They had four children.

Thorbjorg (Tobba) born in 1911. John born in 1913 Thordur (Thor) born in 1915 Sigridur born in 1918.

Gudrun died in 1932, Gudjon died in 1967. [2]

Sveinbjörn Swaini Sveinbjörnson
Son of Jon Sveinbjornson and Guðný Andrésdóttir Fjeldsted

Married Jonina 'Bina' Hamilton

1. Þorkell Charlie Oddstad, b. 01 May 1877
2. Jón Jónsson Sveinbjörnsson, b. 21 Jun 1878
3. Guðjón Jónsson, b. 30 Jun 1882, Iceland
4. Andrés Fjeldsted Jónsson, b. 17 Aug 1886
5. Jonina Oddstad, b. Abt. 1890
6. Sveinbjörn Swaini Sveinbjörnson, b. 1882

1. Theodore

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[2] Quill Lake History Book and
Daralee Dobovich is the Great Grand daughter of Sveinbjorn "Swaini" Sveinbjornson