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National Charlie Day

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Welcome to "A Day in the Life of Charlie" Blog. The Persian with Golden Eyes.

According to my new adopted guardian, companion, Roy said what I typed above could not be read by you humans. Seems my cat paws are too wide for keys on his keyboard, so he will be sharing with you my journey into his home, and typing all this blog stuff out for me. Also posting photos of me.
Boy if his notes from me are this badly written, imagine his grammar. Maybe he should invent a kitty keyboard. Oh, I forgot I do not know English, only the language of meow.

My name is Charlie, and I am a CAT. Not just any cat, I am now Roy's cat! A Persian & Main Coon mix. They say us Main Coon cats are very intelligence with a gentle personality. Possibly a descendant of cats that traveled with the Vikings.
My story started a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...Okay so it was just here on Earth.
There was trouble as a young adult. Probably not my fault at all. It was so traumatic that I have tried to block it out of my mind. My friends at Kitty Hill Resort were trying to get me to forget all that bad past. Probably hit by human hands as a kitten.

My recent foster mom, Harriet who runs Kitty Hill Resort in Santa Cruz, said I was left in a big box duct-taped closed with no air holes. Could you imagine how cruel that was. I guess a lot of us find our way in that situation due to no fault of our own, cause when I got inside...hmm neither I nor this guy typing here know the specific details of my past. I have a great disposition, so I must have been in a bad cat fight with aggressive humans breaking it up or something.

Luckily this nice SPCA shelter in Vallejo, which gave me a bunch of shots, took me in. When I was younger, someone knocked me out for some minor operation they said are given to us guys called neutering. Seems they were worried I might be a ladies man, and my new buddy Roy, said I could still be his Wing Man about this small abode he calls home, which seems like a castle to me, who is coming here to adopt me. We're gonna hang out together watching a little TV. Roy, well I'm thinking of calling him Dad now, said if I liked it here, we could hang out in his studio with a huge chair all to myself, right next to him each night while he does his artwork. Plus, this strange new place had two other rooms I saw through this box which he calls a Carrier after our trip to his home. My foster parents put a soft pillow inside of it to give me a comforting place.

Let's go back to the year 2010 when the shelter gets together with Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue. Along this journey, they gave me a micro chip. Imagine that! Lots of great photos of me here.

Then I stayed with some GREAT people at this house with lots of my own kind. No brothers or sisters, yet some looked a lot like me with long hair. Perhaps my kitty 1st or 20th cousins. The humans called it Kitty Hill Resort. It was like Nirvana compared to how I lived before. They have lots of space for each one of us. Not a cage mind you, we're talking lots of space to play with my Yellow ball, lounge on my cardboard scratcher, hide under a seat, and windows galore. They have pictures of us kitties everywhere. It took awhile to gain their trust, and start to get over my earlier ordeals. I am still working those out, and will take awhile. I have not told dad everything about this resort yet. I will in time. had posted a Bio on me. Roy was trying to talk a co-worker out of adopting a parrot. She also had an interest in Persian cats, yet, she still ignored Roy's pleading not to buy a parrot, as he felt she had no clue as to how much time, and devotion was required for the remainder of her life. On avg. they live 80-150 years. Caring for a two-year old (parrot) for rest of your life.

Roy found my Bio, recalling his memory of playing with one of his closest friend's cat eons ago, along with his sister's GodParents two Persian cats, one being Cynthia. He had a conversation recently with his uncle Hank about their dog Fritz and how wonderful he was. After looking at hundreds of cats at petfinder, and the local SPCA shelters, Roy kept coming back to me -- Charlie!

I was on my cardboard scratcher when this guy with a beard like a Vikings, although shorter, walks over to my room. my foster-mom, Harriet at Kitty Hill Resort said to "go in and sit with Charlie". The guy was Roy, my future adopting dad that was lucky enough to get me. According to Harriet, we seemed a great match for each other. They don't let dogs in here...Thank Goodness, and Roy said he had no intention of getting any other pets. I was to be Top Cat if I went to live with him. Well, he was given a long feather to play with it. I got it from Roy. Ha Ha. Bummer, he got it back. They let me out into the larger area and Roy disappeared. Unbeknownst to me, he was going over all of my history. What food I love, that I like a large litter box, because I am an 18 lb. Persian/Main Coon Mix cat. Give the dinky one to my cousin in the next room.

Sorry for the long story, it has been the most stressful one since I got to Kitty Hill Resort two years ago. Roy comes back in to get his picture taken by our eagle eye photographer, Michael Paris. Hmm, eagle...hmm, fish...hmm, I could go for some Salmon Paté...yum yum. Of course I ignore Roy a bit as he sticks out his hand to get me up close to him for the photographer. My foster mom, Harriet is right on the other side of this door.

What! what was that. Oh, the old tap on metal to get my attention trick.

Click, click, the photographer got some photos of my fantastic Golden Eyes.

Well it worked. Now Roy is starting to dance his hand around the floor and wall trying to play with me like some dog. It might have worked on that dog he knows named Bubbs, but not me. Lucky for him, cause we play rough with 10 claws and no toy in the hand means trouble. So I go back to ignoring him looking for Harriet. She was getting the carrier and got me into it with no problems.

I get carried out gingerly by Roy and hear Harriet alongside leaving out the front door. Jeez, the smells are incredible. We get lots of fresh air inside, but this might be cool. I meowed a bit. Roy was late picking me up as he was clearing out his bedroom for my arrival. There would have been so many kink-knacks, papers and fun stuff to knock over. Luckily he made sure it was a safe drive to his house by having taken off the special wheels which had a questionable tire in the rear at 11 PM the night before. Then more room cleaning by raising those curtains off the floor. Roy stupidly forgot that the back up tires on the ugly steel rims were low and one other requirement before heading down to see me this morning. So he was 30 mins late even though he was up at 9 with 5 - 6 hrs sleep. Man do these humans sleep a lot. Okay, we do our share too.

Harriet and Roy load me up into his car as Harriet gets to her appointment probably late. Harriet and my other foster parents, and their photographer are going to miss me. I was such a sweet cat, yet Harriet wanted the right adopter for me. She turned down others. I had been housed at Kitty Hill Resort for a couple of years trying to get over my past. Most of my fellow kitty cousins are there while their owner/companions are away on vacation, and not there too long. There is this one young cousin who likes to climb up the special chicken wire on the door to reach a plateau. Roy drives me, as he said halfway through this trip an hour away "Charlie, Charlie". Harriet gave me a little view on the drivers side and covered me with a nice blanket so I don't see too much of the world go by at 50 mph. Overall.

Cat in the box

I have been a very good cat for them except for some temperament due to my past. I am so relaxed now that I am gonna take a nap with all this bumping up and down. Roy actually tries to say 'bumpity bump' when he spots lousy California roadway and tries to hold down my carrier, just as he did taking his ex-parrot on trips to the veterinarian. Going up then down an area. Quite a climb up north on 17. Roy says Hwy 17 is nice and smooth now. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Disclaimer: No actual cats were harmed or used to do any typing on keyboards.
Roy was so excited to meet Charlie, he declared today National Charlie Day in his honor.

1st Day in this new Home
Monday, November 19, 2012